Los Mejores Vestidos de la Met Gala en Nueva York


Cada año las celebridades más populares se reúnen en el Museo Metropolitano de la ciudad de Nueva York. El propósito de este espectáculo es recaudar fondos para el departamento de moda. Este magno evento se lleva acabo el primer lunes de mayo y cada año hay una estilo de moda diferente. En esta ocasión el tema de este evento fue “Fashion in the Age of Technology”. Algunas de las celebridades que desfilaron por la alfombra roja fueron Beyonce, Taylor Swift y entre muchas celebridades más. Así que hoy te presentamos a las celebridades que lucieron radiante y las figuras que se estrellaron.

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….Miley Cyrus Gone Bad…..


Miley Miley Miley…….

Whatever happen to that sweet little girl that used to come out on the Disney Channel. The Hanna Montana show had four successful seasons the network and kids from all ages used to idolize her. I can say the same anymore since her image is getting worst time after time. There is nothing sweet or cute about Miley Cyrus anymore. She is on a good girl gone bad type of behavior. Her current outfits are not classy or trend setting at all. Hanna Montana and Miley Cyrus are two completely different girls now. Even the editor and chief of Vogue Magazine Anna Wintour seems to agree since she has decided to take Miley of the December cover issue and replaced her with somebody else. Rumor has it that it could be pop hit sensation Selena Gomez. I totally love Selena’s style and she is always looking fabulous. While Miley’s outfits seem to be getting worst everything she makes a public appearance.  Her provocative MTV performance with Robin Thicke and the fish net dress she wore at the iheart Radio Music Festival last weekend left no room for imagination. Miley was practically naked and showing off everything like she has not already done so anyway in her latest “Wreaking Ball” music video. The worst thing that Miley could do next is get involve with drugs. I would not be surprised, but I would definitely be disappointed it would be like another Disney kid gone bad.