Telemundo Reveals a Sneak Peek of the Luis Miguel Series

noticia-netflix-serie-luis-miguel-diego-boneta.pngGet ready to see the long-awaited series about legendary singer Luis Miguel which will premier on Telemundo and Netflix this spring. The actor that will portray the talented singer in the series will be Diego Boneta. In this television series, Oscar Jaenada will be Luis Rey, Camila Sodi will represent the love of his life, and Paulina Dávila will be his first love. The social media influencer, Juanpa Zurita will play the role of his brother Alex.

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Throughout the series, the famous singer will overcome an array of difficulties while pursuing fame. He will tackle different challenges, make sacrifices, and break world records to become one of the most influential Latino singers in history.

If you have not seen the trailer, don’t worry because we got you covered. In the upcoming weeks, we will also have all the details of the premiere that will take place in Los Angeles.