New music Tuesday what is your favorite song!


Its Tuesday again and you know what that means here are my top four recommendations for this new music Tuesday. The talented group Camila returns after a three year absence with a new album titled Elypse. Even though Samo decided to launch his own solo career this Cd comes with amazing songs. Mario Domm is such an amazing and talent song writer that every song he writes gives me the chills. With just a couple of days away from the start of the world cup a new album titled “One Love One Rhythm” will for sure get you in the mood to play some ball. The Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale is ready to step up her career by hitting the recording studio and releasing a album.  Even though the competition is tough her album “Road Between” is full of good songs that will have you listening to every song twice. Rio Roma is a band from Mexico they have place themselves in the heart of every female dreaming about there prince charming. Their latest single titled “Hoy es Un Buen Día” talks about how each and every day is a good day to fall in love.


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