Teen Celebrities and Their Drug Addictions!

Teen Celebrities and Their Drug Addictions!


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Zac Efron is slowly recuperating from his drug addiction Another teen celebrity hits rock bottom. It seems like everyday a new teen celebrity is coming out with a drug addiction problem. The good thing is that Zac Efron obtain medical help before things got out of hand. What I don’t understand is why teen celebrities self destroy themselves at such a young age. It has been known for years that drugs are harmful and addicting substances. Is it peer pressure that edges teen celebrities to take drugs?  Or just the fact that they don’t know in what to invest their money in. I think teen celebrities should invest their money in helping third world countries that are in desperate need of help. Bright young teenage stars fall into drug addiction problems all the time. Is fame any good at such a young age ? Or does the teen celebrity get lost in stardom?


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